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Posted on 11 月 5, 2007 in 指甲資訊分享 | 0 comments

艾芙蒂亞 – essie 系列產品駐店囉!!

essie 指甲油在市面上是比較少見, 因為他呈現的是一種有質感的指甲妝容。
在色表中我們比較少看到有亮片的指甲油以外, 大部份指甲油都是純色的。
而且都是以油質的指甲油為主, 比較少看到粉質或是亮片指甲油。
有一部份顏色會介於油質的純色與果凍色之間, 乾掉之後顏色非常美, 指甲會看起來油亮。

essie 的產品相當多種。
nail polish、nail treatments、nail solutions、smoothies
hand & body lotions、essiespa

是這一次進駐的重點哦!! 陸續會有更多新產品介紹給大家的!!

kirby creme
18 oz –

  • Kirby creme's exclusive aroma-therapeutic properties soothe, refresh and stimulate; leaving skin supple and soft
  • The fresh scented silky texture of kirby creme is fast penetrating and ideal for use on the hands, feet and elbows
  • The regular use of kirby creme will improve elasticity, as the healing properties comfort and stimulate, protecting the skin from moisture loss
  • Kirby creme is perfect for all skin types and is effective enough to hydrate, repair and soothe tough dry cracked skin 



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